February 7, 2011

Moving on Up!!!

I am 11 days away from seeing my husband and I couldn't be more excited and stressed out! But I wouldn't have it any other way! 

Friday was my last day with Kids Network and it was bittersweet, I love the people I work with and its crazy that I'll never work with them again; but at the same time, I am just that much closer to being with my husband!

Saturday was fun because I had my going away party! I feel happy that so many of my friends and family could make it out to my party to bid me farewell! Saturday night got crazy...okay not really but I hung out with my parents and the Yount family! I love those crazy kids!

And of course, Sunday was SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!!! I went over to my cousin Chrissy's, it was good night, even if I was rooting for the Steelers! 
So, now I'm down to my last full week of packing and I think so far I am doing pretty good. I am working toward everything being color coded according to rooms (am I a little anal-perhaps, but I will know where everything is!), the hard part is having to process what I'm going to need in the next 11 days that I need to put aside and not pack and what I can survive without!

I know this isn't as long as my last post but I really need to be packing! Hope to write soon and hopefully have some amazing pictures of the Gulf up!!!

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