April 29, 2011

April showers bring us to Germany?!

Wow! It has been a long time! Where to begin...

Josh's birthday (April 2) was this past month (obviously) and we had an amazing time! His birthday weekend landed on a down Friday week so we had the privilege of celebrating a day early and longer!
On April Fool's day, we went to the USS Alabama in Mobile and what a site! I thought I would be bored to tears and find nothing that interested me, quite the contrary-I found out that the USS Essex, the aircraft carrier my grandpa was on, was part of the same fleet as the USS Alabama-awww history
Josh's actual birthday we spent some time on the beach followed by (for lack of a better term) a rowdy-ass party! At least that's what we were told! Sunday was spent recuperating, and trying to figure out who puked in our trashcan-Carver, and how Josh broke his toes!!!
She's a party animal!

I must say, with a completely biased opinion, that I have the most wonderful and amazing husband in the world! He gave me the most wonderful surprise I didn't even realize I needed-my best friend! He recognized that I needed a little piece of home and contacted Heidi about coming for a visit, 2 weeks later I found myself picking her up at the airport Thursday night and gearing up for an exciting weekend!

Friday, Heidi and I followed Josh to the most pathetic excuse for a drill down I've ever witnessed the Dark Knights perform; which to date I've only seen one but it was terrible enough to make me want to avoid it in the future, trust me on this one! And of course we went shopping, so fun! 

Saturday we spent some time on the beach and because of an allergy to sunblock, a certain guest of ours, who shall remain nameless finished the day off with the most amazing sunburn ever achieved by anyone-only the front of her body got burnt! Way to go Heidi!
This is why you wear sunblock

Another wonderful thing happened that weekend...Josh and I found out we're being stationed in Ramstein, GERMANY! We have to be there no later than October 30 and have just recently found out we'll be there for 3 years!

I cannot even begin to describe how excited I am for our station; the first half of Josh's IP group found out a week earlier than us and they either went to Tinker, OK; Minot, ND; or Robbins, GA. No offense to those bases or to the people who are headed that way, but I didn't want any of them because they're combat comm. Ramstein, I'm told, is the number one combat comm, but instead of Iraq, Josh might go to Turkey for a few weeks (instead of 6 months) or elsewhere in Europe, much easier to handle I think/hope!

Now the fun begins, all the paperwork, packing (again), doctors appointments, and preparing ourselves for what I hope to be the most exciting 3 years of our lives thus far!

Oh yeah! I almost forgot, Nessa Rose graduated from obedience school! Yay Nessa, congratulations!!!

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