June 7, 2011

Slow News Day Folks

Wow! We really need to meet up more often! I can't believe my last post was back in APRIL! Well, Josh and I getting closer and closer to Germany which means, we're also getting even closer to a couple weeks back home in O-town!

If you haven't heard, I am now medically cleared to go to Germany! It has to be the world's dumbest process, I had to go to my doctor and have him fill out my paperwork saying that I'm safe for take-off, and then schedule a meeting with a board of doctors to go over the same exact paperwork, aww military life!

Part of our paperwork process is that I have to get an official-use-only passport, and my picture for it doesn't look half bad, there's just one little hitch with it; we turned everything in on time, but my passport won't get to me for another 6-8 weeks, which puts us in sort of a bind for getting a travel passport because they have my birth certificate wah-wah! Kind of stinks, but I can get one in Germany and I don't think we'll be traveling right off the bat considering we'll need a place to live!

Now for some sad news, this past weekend my Uncle Grady passed away. I will miss him so much, but as much pain as my aunt and cousin must be feeling right now, I hope they take solace in the the fact that at least now he isn't feeling any pain. I love my Uncle Grady, he was a good man, and I'm certainly glad he was able to stick around as long as he did. I really wish I wouldn't have watched "Steel Magnolias" tonight, but I also think it was just what I needed. RIP Uncle Grady, you will be missed greatly.

I wanted to end on a higher note and share that this weekend is not only a down Friday weekend-holla! But it is also an exciting weekend because I have family coming for a visit!!! My mother and father in-law will be joining us this weekend and I hope they have a great time! Don't know what we're doing this weekend with the exception of a possible drill down-which thanks the one I attended, I'll be skipping out thank you very much. All-in-all things keep looking up for our little Trout clan!

Oh and if anyone reading this has some wicked cool ideas for places to visit while we're in Germany please let me know! We already have a pretty good list going but I'm always up for hearing fun places to go!

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