September 6, 2011

So much to do, so little time!

The last time we spoke, the packers were here, that seems like it was ages ago instead of 2 weeks! It's not even like time is going by slowly, I thought it would because I'm excited to go home for a while and see everyone; but I have been on the go and I prefer it that way!

So to get you up to speed, our house is empty, except the essentials we kept and the essentials that we had to go purchase, because we didn't realize they were essentials until we didn't have them anymore!

Oh, we made sure we had a coffee pot, but who knew we'd need a can opener?!

Now it's cleaning time, and because we live in base housing I have to take extra care, not that I wouldn't have anyway, but it's a little nerve racking to have an inspector come in while I'm still here and say whether my cleaning skills are up to par.

I don't want you to think that all I've been doing is cleaning, I'm a square, but give me credit-I'm not that dull! For Labor Day weekend we decided to go to New Orleans! Originally, we were going to go to N.O. to drop off my car so it can be shipped to Germany, but we weren't able to get the paper work in time so we decided we'd go for leisure! Josh and I were joined by Sarah and Tim and oh the good times we had...

Tropical Storm Lee September 2, 2011

 Labor Day weekend is our last official weekend down here in Biloxi, and what better way to celebrate then add a tropical storm into the mix! Never letting our spirits dampen (that was probably the only thing that didn't get wet) we fought our way to New Orleans which was much easier than we had expected considering everyone was trying to get out of the city, not in.

We started at Harrah's Casino and then made our way to "The Gumbo Pot" where our fabulous waiter informed us of a gay pride parade that was to happen that evening! We went back to Harrah's for a while and eventually made our journey to Bourbon Street (in the rain of course) we went to "Howl at the Moon" because Sarah and Tim had mentioned how they had been there and they had dueling pianos and we just couldn't pass that up! 

While we were watching the pianists do their thing, I spotted the parade floats making their way past the bar and before you could blink I was outside watching! Best parade I've ever been too! I caught so many beads, and the best part was I didn't have to flash anyone because my goods aren't what these men are shopping for! Josh wouldn't flash them so I could get more beads-party pooper! 

Eventually we decided it was time to go because the storm seemed to be getting a bit worse, so it was back to Biloxi we went and that was by far the most fun I had the whole weekend! It seemed our last weekend was doomed because of the weather, but in all reality it was just very rainy. The picture I posted above makes it seem a lot worse but rest assured we were perfectly safe! 

Favorite. Picture. EVER. Josh was pretending to be Nessa haha

Now that I've taken my little break, it's time to get back to cleaning! Hopefully the next time I write I will be lounging it up O-town style!!!
Okay, now I really have to go!

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