December 2, 2011

Is it December already?!

Holy cow! Can you believe it’s December already!? This year has been a true whirlwind. It’s weird to think that at the beginning of 2011 I was still living in Nebraska and working for Kids Net, counting down the days until I made the move to Biloxi, Mississippi.

Here we are, it’s December 2, 2011 and I’m in Ramstein, Germany! It’s crazy how in less than a year I’ve moved twice, met some pretty fun people, explored my surroundings, and last but certainly not least; Josh and I are having a baby!!! 
14 weeks and 5 days
In a year filled with so many wonderful memories, I feel especially blessed to add a baby into the mix! I am so incredibly excited to start yet another new journey, and I’m actually feeling pretty confident at this point! I thought I’d be a hot mess of nerves worrying about the pregnancy and our future child, but now that it’s really happening it’s almost like a calm has come over this typically hyper gal! Like it was meant to be; and I think it was!

Does it seem like all I talk about anymore is the pregnancy?! Man, sorry about that! It’s all new to me, so please excuse my constant need to share and thank you for continuing to read! You are a fabulous audience! Random thought: when I put “so please excuse my” did anyone else thing “dear Aunt Sally?” No? Oh man! Good times Mrs. Rezek, good times! 

Is that considered “pregnancy brain?” I don’t really think it is, because I’d think like that before I was pregnant, so maybe I’m just a loon and I accept that!

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