December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve Eve Eve!

Good grief Charlie Brown can you believe we are a few days away from Christmas?! I'm so excited for our first German Christmas! The pickle is hidden and presents (that are here) are wrapped!

Josh has been home this whole week and I love it! We’ve been in our new house for about a month and its finally starting to look like a home! Boxes have been emptied, and belongings put away. There are still a few stragglers that we need to take care of, but the place is looking good!  

We are so excited to start getting things together for the baby’s room finally! Finding items that are gender neutral is almost impossible over here, so we haven’t made much progress. I am starting to fall in love with Eddie Bauer, because it’s a mostly gender neutral line, but oh so expensive. You win some; you lose some I guess. Thank goodness for Ramstein Yard Sales!

Speaking of the baby, we will be finding out what Etcha’s gender is on January 9th! I want to know, don’t get me wrong; but I think I’m more excited to finally start the baby’s room with the gender specific color palate I have in mind!

Tomorrow, we are going to be baking our little hearts out! I will do my best to post recipes! I love this time of year!!! I hope everyone has a fabulous Christmas!!!

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