March 11, 2012

Do you ever feel bad for the 29th week?!

If you think about it, the 28th week is exciting because you've finally reached the third trimester. The 30th week is great because it's a nice round number that seems to be a great milestone marker; and then there's poor week 29. 

Not as exciting as being able to say for the first time that you're in your third trimester and nowhere as cool as 30 weeks especially since being 30 weeks is just that much closer to delivery day. The 29th week also has the misfortune of being an odd number, which if you know me, you know I'm not a fan.

Poor week 29. 

I do have one thing I can celebrate. Even though I'm an ocean away, I'll still celebrate my Dad's birthday! So, I guess for me at least, the 29th week isn't all terrible.

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