March 7, 2012

I love my Cecilia visits!

I refer to Cecilia as our baby nurse (which isn't exactly a correct title but we'll get to that in a sec.) really she's a Godsend. Since Josh and I are in Germany, we have the privilege of several programs aimed toward helping first-time parents. 
Instead of the normal 15 minute doctor's appointment, we go to Centering. Centering is a 2 hour group appointment that's meant to better prepare parents for their newest addition. We discuss a range of topics from breast feeding to birth control to delivery options. Plus, Josh gets out of work for the appointment which is also a plus!!!
The New Parent Support Program offers several different services, one of which is Cecilia (there are others too, but not as good as Cecilia, but I'll openly admit bias). Cecilia is a registered nurse who comes to our house every 2 weeks to discuss a cornucopia  (isn't that a fun word?!) of topics. It's just one more tool to have in our belt as we approach the big day. 
I love when Cecilia comes because there are always questions that pop in my head that I can ask her instead of waiting until my next appointment. She always makes me feel like I'm heading in the right direction, which is incredibly comforting.
Honestly, I wish everyone had a Cecilia. I am feeling more and more prepared for the upcoming labor and for after we take Etcha home with every visit we have. The real purpose I wanted to write this blog today was to simply thank Cecilia for everything she has done for me and my growing family!

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