March 25, 2012

Josh's Pulled Pork

I finally, FINALLY got some pulled pork, this is a good day. My husband is the greatest, he really is. So, excuse me for a moment while I brag on him. Not only did he make the most amazing tasting pulled pork I've ever had the pleasure of tasting; last night he made penne marinara for me while I was Skyping with my parents so I could continue to visit, isn't he sweet?! It was tasty penne, but his pulled pork was out of this world! What a dreamboat, right?

We found a recipe for pulled pork that seemed simple enough and Josh followed pretty much none of it and flew off the cuff, he's a brave man. He even predicted the right kind of BBQ sauce for us, it was on the sweeter side, and it was delish.

2 pounds boneless pork loin
1 cup water
dash of Lowry's seasoning
Sweet Baby Ray's original BBQ sauce

In a dutch oven, place pork loin and water, sprinkle Lowry's over pork. Bake at 350ยบ covered for an hour, take it out and flip it sprinkle with Lowry's again, cover and continue to bake for another hour. When the hour is up, pull it out and shred the pork to your preferred consistency. Add as much or as little BBQ sauce as you like and bake for another 40 minutes covered. Serve on buns, or just grab a fork. You won't be disappointed!

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