March 29, 2012

Nesting, it's happening

It's been happening for a while, I've very slowly been settling into the nesting stage. It's pretty fun actually, I love that I have this boost of energy to get things done. And things are certainly getting done around here.

One of the great and terrible things about being in Germany is that the baby stuff we can see in person comes from the BX. The upside being that it's not taxed, the downside being it's still overpriced and our particular BX lacks variety in nursery decor. Basically, we're forced to be creative. This is a good thing.

I'm not willing to sacrifice my nesting experience just because I'm limited to the places I can physically go. Finding nursery art and fabric hasn't been a snap, so I painted a few pictures myself, ordered a few wall decals from Etsy and fabric from Joann's for some curtain and crib skirt making fun.

It's homespun, it's so us and definitely better that way. Josh and I have been able to share a whole new bonding experience while we plan where the crib will go (there is a crib in our house, this is becoming real), or where to hang pictures, or do we need something extra over here, etc. I'm falling in love with Josh all over again.

Pictures to come soon...

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