January 28, 2013

Happy birthday little blog!

Wow! Who would've thought that 2 years ago I'd be living in Germany with a beautiful baby boy? Not me that's for sure! When I started this blog I wanted it to use it as a platform to share my experiences and adventures as a military spouse.

I love sharing my adventures with you. Some of my favorites have been:
My move to Biloxi
Heidi coming to town AND we found out we got stationed at Ramstein (all in one post-wow!)
Heidi coming back down to Biloxi and we went and saw Marie Laveau's tomb in New Orleans
Going back to New Orleans with Sarah and Time during Tropical Storm Lee 
Finding out we were about to be a family of three
What I wasn't expecting while expecting
How I looked right before becoming a mommy
Introducing Coleden to everyone
Family coming to meet my son and going to Heidelberg, Landstuhl and Trier
Cole's first Halloween
And hopefully very soon I'll be sharing our Christmas break adventures!

If the next two years are as packed as the last two have been, I'm in for quite a ride. Thank you for sticking with me on this journey, I can't wait to see where life takes me next!

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