July 29, 2013

Loving Lately Week 2

Loving Lately:
  • We got these 3 canvas photos last weekend at Kik for less than 5 euro, and we finally got around to hanging them up! I love the colors in them!
  • Friday, I made some homemade pickles and I can't wait to give them a try!
  • Saturday, we braved the hot weather and went to the flea market on base and came away with 4 books, 2 (well, technically 5) puzzles, and a Christmas cookbook all for $5! 
  • Saturday night, Josh and I decided that if the weather keeps up, we need a 220v slow cooker, so we can still have good meals (instead of microwaving or doing sandwiches). Sunday when we did our weekly trip to the BX, we found the coolest Crock Pot ever! The actual crock is oven, stove and microwave safe, AND it has a timer (yeah, that really does make me excited!)
  • We also enjoyed a great (much needed) rainy day on Sunday, to include a family nap. Don't you love how he sleeps?!
  • Sunday night finished off with a beautiful sunset, what's not to love about that?
  • Not pictured, but still loving:
    • Since it's been so hot, I find myself looking for any and all movies that are based in the fall, or winter, does anyone else do that?
    • Saturday was my half birthday! 
    • Hazelnut coffee, even in the heat. I love the smell, the taste, everything!
    • I have a few countdowns running and thought I'd share them:
      • 63 days until we are in Omaha
      • 93 days until Halloween
      • 122 days until Thanksgiving
      • 148 days until Christmas
      • and 182 days until my birthday!
What are you loving lately?

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