September 4, 2013

15 months old and loving life!

As of last Sunday, Cole is 15 months old! Here are the stats:
  • 32" tall (two inches taller than at his 12 month check-up)
  • weighs in at a whopping 25 pounds (two pounds heavier)
  • 12 teeth (5 more)
  • likes to feed himself with a spoon (and actually hits his mouth a good portion of the time)
  • hardly cried when he got his shot
  • blows on his food before he eats it, even when it's not hot
  • water is his preferred beverage
  • his favorite song is "When Can I See You Again" at the end of Wreck-It Ralph
  • loves chasing Nessa Rose 
  • and feeding her cheerios

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