November 15, 2013

Photo Friday

Okay, I know I've been kind of absent lately, but I promise I'll be back to regular blogging soon. Cole and I have been adjusting to our new routine, so blogging time has been very limited. Anyway, it's Friday, and you know what that means!

Day 9: Phone. Morning routine-wakes up, checks his phones while he drinks some milk. Tough life.
Day 10: I do this everyday. I hop on my computer to check the weather. There's snow in the forecast for Wednesday and Thursday just so you know.
Day 11: Remember. I made a paper poppy using this tutorial. Thank you to Josh and all of our men and women in uniform.
Day 12: To the right. I was actually trying to take a picture of Nessa, when Cole decided he wanted to sit on my lap. I'll roll with it.
Day 13: Boots. I may not have gotten a photo of Nessa the day before, but this time I got her! Oh and I got new boots. Thanks Mom!
Day 14: Comfy. I was all sorts of comfy, cozy reading my book, sipping my coffee; then Nessa decided she thought I looked comfy too. Luckily I was being lazy from the day before and didn't put the camera away!
Day 15: Warm. I finally added an extra blanket to our bed. Doesn't it seem like everyone has one of these fuzzy blankets?!

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