June 30, 2014

Photo Fri...I mean Monday

I didn't have access to the internet while we were on our cruise, so Photo Friday is a few days late. It's okay though, because it's a sneaky peak from our amazing cruise!

Day 21: Summertime. Okay, this one was taken during our trip to Monaco, but I got busy packing and just plum forgot to take any photos celebrating the first day of summer. And what says summer better than a huge yacht?!
Day 22: High angle. I took this as we started our descent into Barcelona. How beautiful is that water?!
Day 23: Yay! We saw Blue Man Group, and afterward, they did a meet and greet. Cole wasn't so sure about them at first, but decided they weren't so bad.
Day 24: Doing. A lot of walking is what we did this day. The uneven ground made it inadvisable to bring our stroller. Cole walked a good portion of it, and then slept very good that night :)
Day 25: Something old. This is the Trevi Fountain in Rome. The Trevi Fountain's original construction was completed in 1762, I'd say at 252 years old, it fits this description pretty well. Here, workers are in the process of cleaning and maintaining the fountain.
Day 26: Straight ahead. You may notice the Leaning Tower in the background, but it's not the only leaning building in Pisa. According to our guide, all the buildings are slightly tilted.
Day 27: Blue. I thought the waters of Barcelona were blue, but they have nothing on the south of France. This picture doesn't do this water justice!
Day 28: Destination. We were able to see so many beautiful, ancient, inspiring, etc. places, and yet I'm most happy where palm trees can be found (which happened to be most of the places we went!).
Day 29: Family selfie. We didn't take too many family selfies on our cruise. Most of the time when I was wanting to, Cole was either asleep or uncooperative, or Josh didn't want to, so there's that. Guys. 
Day 30: My view. I missed this little girl so much. I think she even missed Cole a little, I keep finding her curled up on his bed, that never happens. She's been super cuddly since we got home last night, and I am loving every minute of it!

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