August 22, 2014

PCSing stuff and other fun happenings this past week

We received a phone call yesterday from the moving company we'll be working with here, and finally have dates marked down for when they'll be coming. We still have a ton of items left on our checklists but it already feels like it's all coming together much better than last time.

Speaking of last time, thanks to my Timehop app, I was informed that 3 years ago today the movers showed up to our Biloxi house to pack up our belongings. I remember looking around at all of our stuff in boxes and thinking it finally felt real, we were really going to be moving to Germany.

In less than 20 days, our lives will once again be boxed up, and shipped away. I can't believe it's already been 3 years. It seemed like we'd be here forever, and here we are preparing to leave. The real challenge will be these next few days, when I have to decide what clothes are being shipped and which ones will be packed. Last time I didn't do well with this task, and I have the added pleasure of having to decide the same with Cole's clothes.

Josh took a couple of days off this past week so we could work on going through our storage area to figure what we wanted to keep, donate, or throw away. After taking a stroll down memory lane when we found a box filled with souvenirs from our wedding, we discovered over $100 in unused gift cards. That was a pleasant surprise! Now we're extra excited to get back to the states, so we can use them!

If you have any tips or suggestions for over-packers, please, please, PLEASE share them with me!

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