December 28, 2014

Baby Boy Trout 2.0

As promised an update on this precious baby boy growing inside me. Josh and I are 98% sure we've got a name picked out, but just like with Cole, you'll have to wait until he is born. We like secrets around here!

I am feeling pretty good, still on the mend from being sick a couple of weeks ago, but getting better every day. I've also reached that point in pregnancy where I have to mentally count down to put pants on. I didn't reach that point until closer to 30 weeks with Cole, it seems my bump is progressing a lot faster this time.

We had a baby appointment this past week and everything is chugging along as it should be. I have to say, I absolutely love our doctor. On our first visit, she patiently answered all of my questions, and there were at least 4 pages worth! The only thing that stinks is we have to drive an hour to get to her office. At least it's a scenic drive through desert and mountains!

I've begun sketching for the baby's nursery. I think we're going to do a DC Comics room for our newest member. Cole's Marvel Comics paintings turned out so well, it only seemed natural to take on DC Comics next.

Now that Christmas is over, we can really start to focus on getting the baby's room together, we had been using it as a wrapping room. It's time to start turning it into a proper nursery!

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