December 26, 2014

Happy Boxing Day!

We have been having a great few days, Josh has been home and we love it when that happens. Christmas Eve Eve was spent watching Santa and his elves parade through our neighborhood, giving out candy and small toys and of course taking pictures with Santa.

 Our Christmas Eve was spent cleaning, doing some last minute wrapping, snacks, and of course, A Christmas Story. Josh actually had to go into work, but it was just to take accountability and have a pancake breakfast. When he got home, he was carrying a large red gift bag. Thanks to the First Sergeants Association, Cole received a few extra presents that we opened special on Christmas Eve; they gave him some footie pajamas, a pair of jeans, a sweater, and a super cool air plane toy. As excited as he was for that plane, he was just as excited about the clothes, like he couldn't believe they were for him. Sometimes he absolutely warms my heart with his excitement for everything.

As for Christmas Day, Santa brought Cole a really neat kitchen; which was good, because Grandpa, Grandma (Trout), Aunt Beth and Uncle Dan sent Cole some play food. What a coincidence, right?! :) His favorite is "drinking" the ketchup. Grandpa and Grandma Malfait sent Cole a road rug, he had more fun crashing planes and cars into the buildings, but it's his rug, he can play how he wants.

I got Josh a personalized Tennessee Titans jersey. He has a few jerseys, but none of the players he has jerseys for are on the team any longer, so I decided to get him his own jersey. Let's just hope he doesn't give up on them now.

Josh got me the entire Harry Potter collection with a lot of behind-the-scenes interviews and bonus features! We decided that everyday, from Christmas to New Year's Eve, we're going to watch a Harry Potter movie. Our original plan was to do a marathon of the movies in one day, but after seeing that it takes like 20 hours, we decided the movie-a-day route was a wiser choice for us.

 The first thing Cole did when he went up to his kitchen: grabbed the phone and started talking on it...with his hand on his hip. I wonder who he gets that from.
 Babe and Pocker sent Cole some cool puzzles!
 Food for his kitchen! And yes, we sat on his road to open presents and it was the best, because the tile floor was COLD!
 Josh got me a Patriots t-shirt and ugly sweater. I love them both! The ugly sweater looks especially great with my penguin pajama bottoms :)
 Santa brought Cole How to Train Your Dragon 2!
 Josh's cool new jersey, and Cole making sure it's known that he got How to Train Your Dragon 2!
This is the first and last Christmas spent just the three of us. For Cole's first Christmas, Josh's parents came and visited us. Last year, Josh was deployed. So with that in mind, I wanted to make sure we captured this special Christmas with a family photo. Also, I wanted to try out my new wireless remote for my camera. Win-win.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Keep an eye out in the next day or two for baby/pregnancy update as well as my end of the year review!

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