January 16, 2015

Photo Friday

Day 10: Jewelry. This was my anniversary gift this past year. I'm loving it a little extra right now because I'm unable/afraid to wear my wedding bands this pregnancy. When I was pregnant with Cole, I had severe swelling in my fingers and my rings got stuck. Luckily, they didn't need to be cut off, but I think I was getting pretty close. I've been fortunate this time around, and haven't experienced the swelling I experienced with Cole.

Day 11: Noise. Doesn't my neighbor's dog look like a brown Nessa? This little pup was kinda hard to snap a photo of because it was all over the place! I don't mind the barking, and I think it's because this dog seems to have a similar personality to Nessa. P.S. don't you love my dirt yard?! 

Day 12: Ordinary moment. When we lived in Germany I dreaded doing laundry. First of all, the washer and dryer we had were VERY small. Second, they were in our kitchen. Third, because they were German, I couldn't read what the different functions were without using Google Translate. Now that we have our American washer and dryer back, I don't mind laundry anymore. I love how spacious they are, more importantly, I can read what the different functions are. It's the little things...

Day 13: Destroy. Okay, this one may be a stretch. On Monday, Cole was playing and gravity failed him. In other words, he slipped and fell. He already had a tiny scar from a previous mishap, and I think that's why the floor "destroyed" his chin the way it did. It looks worse than it actually is, but I have no doubt it still hurts like the dickens. We did our best to bandage him up, but gave up by Tuesday, because he didn't seem to bother it as much when there wasn't anything there (which works out, because I was able to at least get a picture of it, not for the blog, but to make sure it didn't look worse over the next few days).

Day 14: Read. I'm actually in the process of reading two books right now. I'm finishing up Ina May's Guide to Childbirth, and just started The Day They Hung the Elephant. There is a lot of lore that surrounds this story. Mary the elephant was actually hanged for murder in 1916, but the facts surrounding it have become foggy. The author makes an attempt to separate fact from fiction. Like I said, I'm only a few pages in, and I can't wait to see what happens! This was a book that belonged to my late Grandma, she's from Erwin, Tennessee, where the everything takes place. My favorite part of the book, is that it still smells like my Grandma's house. This week, I feel a little closer to her.

Day 15: Craving. Cereal, man. Cereal. I don't care what box it comes in, I'll eat it. I can't be stopped. Not pictured: Life cereal and Frosted Mini-Wheats, because it was trash day and I had already polished them off. 

 Day 16: Bump. This week marks my last week in the second trimester! Specifically, today marks 90 days until my due date! Coleden and I celebrated by playing in the water.

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