January 23, 2015

Photo Friday

Day 17: In progress. I loved doing Cole's paintings for his big boy room so much, I decided that little brother should have a DC comics room. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have caught my sneak peak into this painting!

Day 18: Entertainment. Sometimes I look over at my son and he has covered himself up with a blanket, and is thumbing through a classic.

Day 19: Out & about. We had a doctor's appointment on Monday, we decided to celebrate a good check-up with some Buffalo Wild Wings!

Day 20: Yellow. Okay, so this one is kind of hard to see, but this yellow truck was so stinkin' cool! There are so many old classic cars and trucks in this area. These fixed up beauties cruise down the roads all the time around here.

Day 21: Legwear. In celebration of my mom's 29th birthday, I'm rocking a pair of sweats she gave me! Happy birthday, Lady, I love you so much!

Day 22: Diptych. I had never even heard of diptych photography before I started planning for my January Photo-A-Day challenge. When it snowed yesterday, I knew I wanted to give this particular challenge a shot. Cole has never had a good chance to play in the snow (it didn't snow our last year in Germany, and it was too cold when we were visiting Omaha). We were only outside for about 10 minutes, but he had an absolute blast. It's a good thing we went outside when we did, it was all melted about 2 hours later.

Day 23: Every day I. Drink ice water. In copious amounts. If there is one thing I'm proud of with this pregnancy versus the last one, it would have to be the amount of water I drink. With Cole, it seemed like I hardly drank any water, and as a result experienced a lot of inconveniences that could've easily been avoided. Lesson learned. 

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