October 6, 2015

6 months

How in the heck are you half a year old already?! It's crazy to think that a year ago today, we were telling your grandparents, aunt, and uncle about you. Now you're here, and you've changed our lives for the better. You have a smile that lights up a room, and a laugh that is 100% contagious. I love watching you grow and learn every single day. Thank you for choosing me to be your mom.

In the last month, you:

  • got your first taste of food, sweet potatoes, and loved it so much you were grabbing the spoon trying to get Daddy to go faster
  • are sitting by yourself
  • got a big boy car seat (thanks to the Babies R Us car seat exchange!)
  • are finally starting to sprout some hair!
  • had your first trip to the Henry Doorly Zoo AND Vala's Pumpkin Patch 
  • prefer standing to sitting
  • are about 2 seconds away from a proper crawl
  • say "Mama" a lot. I like to think it's because you're a baby genius, but the popular belief is that you're just jabbering, which I'm also okay with
  • have two teeth
  • watch your brother like a hawk. Everything he does is interesting to you. My favorite part of any day is when Coleden plays with you. The love in your eyes when he gives you attention, makes my heart so happy!
You've had quite the busy month, little boy, and I look forward to seeing what you're up to next month! 


For anyone interested, here's what Cole was up to at his 6 month mark!

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