June 5, 2017


I did it! I am officially a member of the Rebel Legion! Eeek!

After my last post, I quickly called up my mom, bribed her with lunch, and she kindly came out to my house to take my pictures. Thanks, Lady, you're the best! When she left, I put "Sing" on for my boys, so I could run downstairs to submit my photos, you know, like the great mom I am. The rest of my day consisted of providing snacks, wiping up messes, and refreshing my email every 28 seconds.

At 7:01pm, I received the email that the costume I submitted has been officially accepted! After I jumped around like a crazy person for a few minutes, I had to let the people who really helped me get to this point know about my membership! Thank you to Afton and Reid for helping me navigate, what can be a very long process, and for you being so encouraging!

So, this Saturday, if you happen to be at Sand in the City, keep an eye for Josh and I, as we participate in our first official troop! Did I forget to mention Josh got accepted into the 501st for his reserve pilot costume?! As he put it, we are now a house divided!

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