June 5, 2017

Whoa, it's JUNE!

Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted since MARCH. I have started several posts, each about the different aspects of my costume, they're a little scatterbrained right now. I'm working on getting them to a point where a normal person can make sense of them, I also decided that since I'm so close to approval, I want to wait until I have the final okay before I hit that publish button, I wouldn't want to steer anyone in the wrong direction.

You may be wondering (or not) just how close I am to approval. Well I am happy to share that I have already submitted my costume, and have received feedback!

NOT approved. 

Through my correspondence with one of the Rebel Legion costume judges, it was determined that my pants are too gray, OR my tabbards and arm wraps are too brown. Rey's costume oddly has different hues throughout The Force Awakens, because of this, my costume can take on either the brown/tan color scheme, or the gray one, but not both. For me, this was an easy choice. Although I like the gray hues better, if something were to go wrong, my pants are way easier to redo than my tabbards and arm wraps. My pants were purchased through Amazon for $26 and got to my house in 2 days, there's no way I could make a pair of pants that quickly (but hopefully one day I will be able to). My tabbard fabric took me a few trips to Jo-Ann's to find, and my arm wraps were gifted to me from Jesse, his wife also has a Rey costume, and had extra wraps, I'm sure you can find them easily on Amazon though.

So I dyed my pants browner (is that even a word?!), and Princess Liz Fett (my judge) still thought they were too gray, so I dyed them again, this time they were definitely brown, but now they are too dark. *sigh*

Back to Amazon I went. I like the pants that I got back in June of last year, but I also wished they were a tiny bit longer, so I searched for something a little different and actually was able to buy 2 pairs of pants for the price of the one pair I got last year. You know, in case I REALLY mess up.

My pants arrived on Saturday, and I finally got around to dying them with RIT "tan" dye. It was still very light, I don't think I added enough dye to the bath. This morning I tried again with more dye. I sent a picture to Liz and she gave me the thumbs up to send in my updated photos as well as a new roster photo!

Hopefully by tonight I will be an official new member of the Rebel Legion!

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