March 4, 2015

Nesting is happening over here

I thought I had been nesting at a nice, slow-and-steady pace this time around, apparently that was just my body pre-gaming. In the last two weeks we got the major nursery furniture, which apparently pushed my body into hardcore nesting mode.

Remember when I said I was going to wait for Josh to get home from work, yeah that didn't happen. The box our crib came in wasn't as heavy as it claimed online, so Cole and I pushed it down the hall to Little Brother's room. The next thing I know, it's completely assembled-weird.

Monday we had a doctor's appointment and everything is still chugging along like it should. When we got home, we found a very large, very heavy box waiting for us. The dresser had finally arrived, we're still putting that thing together, and I have no desire to assemble it without Josh. I put a few pieces together that required a bit of hammering, but that was so we could do more work after Cole was asleep.

We've been waiting until all of the nursery furniture was in before hanging any decorations, and that's been the hardest for me. I just want to decorate!!! I have a feeling this weekend will be the weekend to get things done, and that excites and soothes me all at once.

Hopefully after this weekend I'll have more photos to share. Keep an eye out in the near future!

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